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Has anyone used them recently?

Do they use Royal Mail or a courier for non-folding tyres?


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Hermes, I think
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Thanks. That's not ideal but it looks like they will deliver to a "delivery address" which can be different from the billing address, even on the first order.

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My Tredz order came via DX a few days ago – but then I did pay for next day delivery.

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They left mine outside by the back door. No idea who delivered it, but I don't think Royal Mail would have had the wit to do that.
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Thread resurrection.

I was browsing for some stuff recently and checked some Ts&Cs on their website (I'm one of those sad people...). Lo and behold Tredz is owned by Halfords :o. Probably won't shop there again.
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Yup. Stopped using them ages ago. They have a weird stock holding policy, where they don’t actually hold stock! (Which to an accountant makes good sense) and then the individual suppliers send you the item. It can take forever or not at all and communication between everyone is dreadful. So its business model doesn’t work for a customer driven operation.

I was let down too many times and stick to Spa and SJS.

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Halfords bought them up a few years ago (as well as Wheelies).

Seems not much has changed, still rubbish at having things in stock. But usually pretty cheap.

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I quite like them, but then again I am welsh.

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If you buy a bike from them, it will be delivered by Hermes in an extremely flimsy box with no internal supports. I'd recommend inspecting the bike carefully before signing for it, especially if the box shows signs of damage, which it will.


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They still seem to make fewer mistakes (as in sending you the wrong item) than Evans.
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Now Halfords say they are scrapping Cycle Republic, and investing more in Tredz instead.

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Halfords were doing deals on turbo trainers just before the semi lockdown, saved £300 on an Elite Drivo 2. Now everyone is charging full price, should have bought an XL mat at the same time😩. Turbo arrived next day.😁. They must be kicking themselves for not seeing what was happening.