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Inspirations, aspirations and standards
« on: March 30, 2008, 08:08:59 pm »
A long time ago in a land far, far away there was a man who had a dream.

In that dream people of a mind to commune at a certain level of civilisation came together. I would have said persons of a like mind but that would be wrong. For there were differences. Differences in age, in culture and in background. Differences in belief and in orientation. Differences because, well, we are all different.

But what bound that group together was the dream. The dream that people who would so easily fall prey to temptation and childish squabbles could comport themselves in a way where they were most excellent to one another. Respect for differences, slowness to take offence, and thinking generally well of one another was the glue that held together a cohesive group.

But that was the dream time, and like all dreams it remembers only the good. We all fail. We all make mistakes. And the community was no different. But to some we turned like elder statesmen. Those whom we respect, those who share the dream. And to them we said 'rule us, for we cannot rule ourselves. Lead us in the way of the dream for we do not know that we are going the right way'.

And back came the reply 'But what is the right way?'. 'We do not know , but lead us and we will tell you if it is the right way'.

And so they began to lead. And the dream became concrete, and expounded by the leaders. Guidelines for us to continue to be excellent to one another, and to strive for excellence in what we do.

'But' you ask, 'what is that dream, that we may all share in that dream?'

That, is up to you. I have my dream but I will not share it in full now. But it hinges around quality - a place where each word is worth reading - where victory in conflict is through common understanding - and where respect for the minority prevents tyranny by the majority.

What is your dream?