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Two guys out on mountain bikes last night. Assuming they were together as the idiot was spotted waiting for his mate who appeared to have sense.

Huge queue at Bridge which oncoming traffic has priority on. I'm sat at front and he comes flying past and straight onto bridge. The bridge isn't wide and narrowed by cones and fence where is guess someone hit the bridge

The oncoming driver had to stop and there wasn't much room for the cyclist to squeeze through. His gain was zero as his mate stopped and waited and when we both crossed bridge and I safely overtook he was waiting up the road for him


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There's a pandemic on.  If you must projectile gob while riding your bike, please check you're not being overtaken by another cyclist first.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...


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Days become simply the spaces between dreams, spaces between the shifting floors of time...


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Quote from: Kim
And remember that friends who organise things on Facebook aren't proper friends anyway.

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Just for clarity, does that apply to snot rockets too?

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Or farting?
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Youngish lad cycling down a big wide road with a lane wide chevron down middle as lots of turns off it. His position was primarily if he was on the continent and the chevrons were the kerb. Occasionally he would move onto the chevrons so people could pass on his left but would then wander back into the lane with no looking

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Listen fuckwit. If my bike light is at a bad angle (it is new so maybe I've got the angle set wrong) and dazzling you on the narrow path then say something like "Oh your light's at a bad angle".

Pulling a torch from your pocket and then riding at me one handed shining it directly in my face just means there are now two people dazzled.

Fancy then whining as you ride away "You don't need your light on on the paaaaaath". Umm, I think I'll decide when lights are appropriate. Plus the switch for the dynamo light is halfway down the fork, I'm not stopping and getting off to turn it off for the sake of 500m of path when I've got roads for the rest of the commute.
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