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Maybe you should have it looked at, Si.  When I broke my elbow I could move it and it just felt a bit sore, though there was a huge swelling.  X-ray revealed that the olecranon was broken and there were big gaps between the bits.

Good luck


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Thanks for the concern Peter, a lot of the swelling has gone out of it overnight, although you can still cook eggs on it.

I can ride pain free and have full movement, lovely colour though, as long as you like purple. I'll keep an eye on it but I don't think there's anything seriously wrong.

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That's good, Si.  I did, admittedly, have a haematoma the size of a tennis ball, which was a bit of a clue!

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One of my rare commutes today.
Nothing out of the ordinary (other than me actually riding in) but Barlow Moor Road is even worse than last time and the construction going on in Didsbury suggests that more of it is going to get hammered.
It remains to be seen whether I'll have the enthusiasum to ride in on Friday.


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nearly 2 weeks of commuting since my crash. a previously padlocked gate has been opened which has created a nice shortcut from the rotherham/sheffield canal to meadowhall avoiding the awkward bridge

red = shortcut, yellow =/= shortcut

felt like i'd finally figured out mariokart

also, tonight i finished at 6 instead of 5. it was weirdly quiet.


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Re: On the commute today
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Dangerous close passes at the rate of 1 per km  :(
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Something nice is happening to my commutes.

I'm only 3.5 miles from work, so I have options to extend. One of them takes me away from the city for the first 2 miles, along a lovely winding lane with views over the Derwent Valley, only spoiled by occasional motor traffic going too fast.

However, Severn Trent are replacing the pipes on that road and it's been closed it to motor traffic since June. It's blissful.

Coincidentally, on my more direct commute, a water main has burst, knocking out the bridge to motor traffic (still passable on bike).

So I currently have two routes to work on both of which I can pretty much cycle in the middle (or all over) the road for almost 2 miles!

 ;D ;D
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Re: On the commute today
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Saw a twitter thread recently where someone thanked $water_co for digging up their road and making it safe from rat-runners and $water_co tweeted back to apologise for the inconvenience.
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Re: On the commute today
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The other year an entire section of the A22 flooded (a road normally only cycled by people who have yet to find a suitably terrifying extreme sport, such as grenade juggling while wing-walking on a supersonic jet fighter) and was closed to traffic for several weeks (it opened briefly but drivers insisted on crashing into the big blue and yellow pipework that was continuing to remove the excess water, so they have to re-close). That made cycling down it a delight. People even took to indulging themselves in curiously pursuits like walking.

Oh and despite the bleats about the world-ending catastrophe that was closure of an A road the shops didn't run out of food and everyone found different routes and the impact of a removing a bit of traffic was positive. A lesson, of course, that will go unlearned.
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I rode passed this on my way home from work last night.

The ambulance had just left the scene and I spotted the helmet on the floor as I was waiting at the lights.