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I could have commuted in today but...

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When I made the tea this morning I walked up the concrete garden path and it was an ice slide
I am not in the habit of walking around the dark, frozen garden at 6am
The concrete garden path is a good indicator of what the roads are like around about

So I left the bike in the garage, took the car and stuck to the A road

However the A road was fairly dry and I didn't see/feel any ice at all.  So in theory i could have ridden in up the A road

So on the minus side I have a tedious rush hour journey tonight instead of an envigorating cycle
On the plus side I have bought a load of wine from Sainsburys to take back in the car

I could have commuted in today but...

There are three (count 'em) broken drains on my route.  All three quite frequently cover the road in a thin film of water.  Only it won't be water at the moment. 

There were other cyclists about, but I just don't want to risk it at the moment.


TheLurker: was snowing last night when I got home with a "thaw" (ha ha ha) forecast through the night and I fully expected the A roads to have a delightful combination of slush and ice this morning.  As it happens they were clear and ice free.  Bum.

...... I'm off for Chrismtas.    ;D

...I'm a wimp :-[


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