Author Topic: What's the (performance) difference? ('high end' Ti)  (Read 1454 times)

What's the (performance) difference? ('high end' Ti)
« on: March 31, 2008, 11:25:27 am »
My lovely 2002 spesh race frame has a crack that goes 2/3 the way round the chainstay. :'(

However, silver linings and all that. I've always wanted to replace my 'race' bike with a Ti framed one. The demise of my spesh means I've been eyeing up Ti frames.

If I can find some dosh, I really rather like the Van Nicholas Aeolus. Fatbirds are doing the 2007 frame with a 10% part ex feature. :thumbsup: The VN official site has the 2008 frame, which is considerably cheaper.

Some study shows that the 2007 is 6AL/4V, and the 2008 is 3AL/2V. What will this actually mean for the frame characteristics? Is it just lighter? Is it worth the extra dosh?!

Suggestions for other Ti frames are also invited...

Re: What's the (performance) difference? ('high end' Ti)
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If you're after an Aeolus fashioned from 6AL/4V you may need to get your skates on.
I took delivery of one in January at which time I was advised that Reynolds are no longer making that grade of tubing as it is too difficult to manufacture.

Mine was fabricated from tubes that the frame builder still had on his shelves - I don't know whether he still has any today.

Pros and cons of one over the other?
Don't know - my experience of riding 3Al/2V is limited to a couple of hours (max) test riding Bike+'s demo bike.

I will say this about the Aeolus. It makes for creamy, buttery smooth transfer of power, quite unlike and alien from the alu / carbon harshness I am accustomed to on my other bike.

I have also recently discovered that if you're bombing down an incline, about to face a climb, time it right and it's much easier to stay in the big gears as you fly up the other side with a doppy grin on your face.

Feel free to PM me if you want to know more