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Weight loss graphs
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Re: Weight loss graphs
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It is refreshing to find that a colour coded document includes symbols.This is very rarely the case & allows colour-blind folk an opportunity to actually read such a thing.


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Re: Weight loss graphs
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To see a larger view of each graph, click on it. Each is rendered at 1024x768 which doesn’t display in the forum.

If your weights are missing or look incorrect then there might be a problem with the script interpreting something about your posts that is unusual. I can’t check every item, so please PM me if you see something amiss. In particular you will only be in the BMI chart if you tell me your height in metres or centimetres, the correct way to do this is to insert for instance, height=183cm or height=1.83m for a 6ft height for example. Some variation on this will be tolerated by the script but please try to stick to that form if you want your BMI to be graphed. The graphs are not automatically updated every day though I try to update them on Wednesday and Thursday for late additions in the week.