Author Topic: What wouldn't you drink?  (Read 1434 times)


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What wouldn't you drink?
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:23:19 am »
Southern Comfort: sweetened spew concentrate.

Thunderbird: aptly renamed Chunderbird. You’d need a case-hardened stomach to keep that down. A couple of mouthfuls and you're a carotty vomit Krakatoa just waiting to erupt.

Buckfast: the liquid you end up with when you poach a dead Glaswegian in tetrahydrofuran.

Funny teas: peppermint and monkey dung, that kind of thing. Why? Tea should be made out of a tea. That’s why it is called tea and not peppermint pisswater.

Cooking lager: that’s what it is for. That and washing. You are not supposed to drink it.

Oddly, despite ballistically vomiting tequila hard and high enough to knock satellites out of orbit in my younger, less refined days, I quite like it again. Pernod too, even though I think it comes out of a agitated Frenchmens' ears.