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Basically a German shop with a address.  The only place with a UK shop front to have something in stock that I wanted.  Problem 1: their checkout procedure is translated from the German, hard to follow and defaults to payment by bank transfer - to a German bank.  Sod that, the SWIFT fee is £20!  They also take PayPal or credit cards so I sent them an enquiry with the correct order number, asking to pay by card instead.

Problem 2: Four days, two working days, and still no reply.  I think I'll just look for it elsewhere.
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I had a similar issue (the ordering part) with, all of there site was in English, apart from the checkout!  A quick email soon cleared stuff up tho.
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They're still incommunicado so I ordered it from a real German shop.
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Took a chance with them as the extra Black Friday discount on already low prices was irresistible.
So - ordered on Friday (very late p.m.)
Confirmation Monday with DHL tracking reference
Delivered Wednesday.
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No problems with checkout - although I did use Paypal.


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Able to supply a cheap dyno headlight, though the shipping offset that somewhat. Arrived quickly and well-packaged. No complaints.
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