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Re: Zabriskie to ride first vegan TdF
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The fish is for iron.

Really ? I wouldn't have thought it was the most efficacious foodstuff in that respect

Fish is full of iron. Actually i tend to eat a lot more fish back home and i can feel the difference in term of a sharper mind.
It's salmon twice a week, to be precise. I wouldn't have thought it was the best choice to obtain iron, but I'm not a nutritionist (obviously, as today we've been eating supermarket sandwiches, crisps, raspberries, blueberries and toffees  ::-) ) and iron is Z's reason for the fish as reported there.

As for Panoramix's point about feeling sharper, Zabriskie says he's felt sharper mentally since becoming "vegan". Again, this is just what the paper reports that he says. Wadayawant, science?
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Re: Zabriskie to ride first vegan TdF
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Unfortunately the whole DZ marketing machine is cashing in on this false vegan claim so I don't think it's just the reporting that's at fault, as I understand it until this recent mention of fish he was claiming to be fully vegan.

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There are plenty of high performing proper vegan athletes about, many are listed on the VF forum. For many part of the motivation is to dispel unscientific myths such as the need for fish to ensure sufficient iron.

At the more mortal levels most sporty people perform at I would say there are a disproportionate amount of vegans and vegetarians, it's quite normal to find someone you're chatting to at an audax or local half marathon is a veggie, seem much more common than in normal life (obviously not a very scientific survey that.)
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