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Strawberry Jam
« on: July 09, 2010, 08:00:53 pm »
Mmmm we've just made 11lbs of it, yumm!
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Re: Strawberry Jam
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I'd never made any jam until earlier this week. Picked about 6 kg of cherries from our tree at the allotment. I remember last year making one pie from the entire harvest.

Anyway, the jam turned out well. First batch lasted a couple of days!

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Re: Strawberry Jam
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Mmmm we've just made 11lbs of it, yumm!

One summer in the 80s, my grandad's strawberry harvest was so good we ended up never wanting to see another strawberry again. We had them with every meal for weeks and my mum spent every evening and weekend making jam. We gave roughly one metric fucktonne away, either as strawberries or as jam, and even then at the end of the crop my mum counted the jars of jam in the cupboard and it was 150lb. There still might be some left at the back of one of my dad's cupboards.
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