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DIY events
« on: August 02, 2010, 01:09:56 pm »
Hi everyone just wondering what a DIY event is and what it entails? Do the start and finish have to be the same place or caould you do a straight 100kms DIY lets say Cardiff - Bristol? So start at Cardiff but finish in Bristol. Would they also count to your list of completed rides and the Audax championships?
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Re: DIY events
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If you have a look in the sticky post at the top of the board there's a lot about diy rides in there
Audax index, audax FAQs

You could do Cardiff Bristol Cardiff for a 200 (if validated all ok) and the 2 points would go towards the champs but the 50% rule applies if you want to win it.


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Re: DIY events
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You have to get controls at either B&Q or Homebase.  The items you obtain by purchase must be sufficient to manufacture an item of furniture (e.g. nails in one location, glue in another etc.  most people leave the panels of wood until the finish control)  :demon:

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Re: DIY events
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Point to point rides are called Arrows from Home to Far Far Away.
Point to point rides are callled Darts from Far Far Away to Home.
They are recognised by AUK and team arrows and darts are run to the AGM.
I see no reason why you can not have a DIY Arrow.


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Re: DIY events
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I did a DIY 200km point to point last year, I didn't call it an Arrow, but at least I know what that term means now!!
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Re: DIY events
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We have been trying to plan a DIY too.  The linky on the FAQ just leads to a maintenance page at the moment.  Fortunately our local AUK organiser has been most helpful.


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Re: DIY events
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Isn't an arrow specifically a 24 hour team event?
Though yes, you can do a DIY with the start and finish in different places if you want. And you can do a 100km DIY, but it won't get any points for the main AUK championship, though it can count towards other awards.


Re: DIY events
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Point to point DIYs are OK, and positively encouraged. I do them quite a lot, then jump on a train home.

One of my fave DIYs last year was a DIY 600 overnight to London Euston. I then jumped straight on a train to Manchester, and another home to Tod.

In fact, right now, I'm on a 730km DIY dart/arrow, from London to Edinburgh, in a cafe near Middleton Tyas.

If you're in South Wales or the West Country, drop IanH a line for more info. If you're in mid/North Wales or the Midlands, write to me.


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Re: DIY events
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As listed in the FAQ:

DIY advice needed and How to plan a DIY ?

(both over 5 pages)
But what the heck, the more threads the merrier!
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Re: DIY events
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What some other riders do, Dai, is ride a DIY to perhaps visit family, and then ride home afterwards a day or so later.

I've yet to do this, but I have been know to ride to my mum-in law's for my dinner, then home, for a 200. And 3AAA soon!