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Thermarest NeoAir
« on: August 07, 2010, 12:10:11 pm »
I bought this as a replacement for an Exped Downmat that developed a slow leak. previously I've used standard Thermarest mats.  Price was £85 in a Field & Trek / Sports Direct sale.

I've got the standard model, manufacturers specs are:

Size: 51 x 183cm (20 x 72in)
Weight: 410g
Rolled Size: 23 x 10cm (9 x 4.0in)
R-Value: 2.5
Thickness: 6.3cm (2.5in)

In it's stuffsac it's shockingly light & compact compared to an ordinary Thermarest or even the Downmat.

It's not self inflating, so you need to open the standard twist valve and blow,  about 20 slow breaths will have it fully inflated. Take your time doing this as I made myself a bit dizzy when I went too fast!  I find this a lot easier that the CPR practice I got with the Downmat.

Packing is simple, you open the valve, lie on it to get the air out, fold it in three widthways then roll it up.  Unlike the Downmat you don't get a fetid stench when you force the air out.

As usual with this type of mat it's best to have it firmly inflated to sit on, and to let a little bit of air out when preparing to sleep on it.

It feels warm to the touch, lying on it, the mat feels very supportive.  I doubt if it's as well insulating as the Downmat but I think it's more comfortable to sleep on.

The slime green fabric feels very fragile, but in a vino induced stumble, I managed to sit down on it _hard_ with no damage, I'm currently 97Kg....

Disgracefully they don't supply a repair kit, you have to pay extra for that.  This is a very expensive product and I think one should be included.

Overall I'm very impressed, sufficiently so that I'd consider selling the standard and buying a large, taking the hit in weight to get the extra 12cm width.
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Re: Thermarest NeoAir
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 06:44:17 pm »
I have the Neoair(regular size) and used it for a one week cycle camping trip last year. Almost great for me but not quite! It is very comfortable to lie on awake but I found it too narrow and was constantly rolling off it in the night. Last week I went back to the shop to buy the large size but they say it is only available in the USA. They suggested I go with the Exped Downmat becase they way the baffles run vertically helps keep you on the mat. This makes sense but the weight is so much greater than the Neoair that I think I will give it another go. Please let me know where to buy the large one if you find it.

Re: Thermarest NeoAir
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Ultralight Outdoor Gear have them in stock for £120  :o

I checked the price from REI but by the time you've paid the $20 membership to qualify for free shipping it's more expensive than buying from the UK.
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Re: Thermarest NeoAir
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i bought a large one over the internet from the outdoorshop in Milton Keynes

Therm-a-Rest - NeoAir Large – Outdoor Clothing and Equipment for Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking, Hill Walking and all types of Adventure Travel

I found it fairly narrow, but very comfy compared to the self inflating ones.