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OK so here is the specification of my new light weight steel camping plate/bowl.

Outer diameter 155mm inner diameter 130mm  depth 36mm weight 60grm.

Supply details,  The plate comes filled with a check material and a top cover to prevent damage in transit.   Prior to use it needs the top cover removing, a can opener will perform this operation satisfactorly.  The plate then needs "proving" at 230 deg C in the oven.   Following the heating the plate should be checked to ensure that it has remained leakproof over the entire surface of the plate.  If a leak is found the manufacturer will replace the plate free of charge.  The contents should then be consumed and checked for taste.  Provided this is edible and no taint is present,  the plate can be washed and enter service.  Regratably the manufactures guarantee does not extend beyond the "proving" and  checking of the plate initial packing contents.  However at the low cost (approximately £1,00)  to expect an extended
Sort of.  I was reviewing my needs since replacing the frying pan with a small none stick version.   This left me with a quanddry, why have a huge Stainless plate weiging 200 grm when its not needed to cover a big fry pan.  So after the usual serach for a lightweight steel or taitanium plate the thought hit me.  Why not use a pie tin.

Light weight, good for 230 deg C and only £1.00 but you need to dispose of the contents valued at £1.00.   I am not normally big into re-cycling but somtimes its just sensible.   working on the disposal of the contents and a check the tine is good for 230 deg C at least for 25 min.
guarantee is unreasonable.  ;-).