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Roof rack cycle carrier security
« on: October 24, 2010, 01:33:52 pm »
My roof rack and bars are Thule ones, so they are all locked in position with the same lock barrels.  Now, they aren't up to much, because the barrels are mounted in plastic, so shoving a screwdriver into the lock and turning it hard enough will break the lock.

I've got one of the lock loops with a ball on the end, so I loop it through the wheels and frame, and lock the ball inside a door, and it's sort of secure, although the cable can obviously be cut moderately easily with suitable cutters.

When I've left the car I can put a chunky D-Lock (Kryptonite New York) on the bike, but obviously that's just locked the bike to itself.

Is there anything else I can do to make things more secure?  At the moment the bikes I'm putting on there are (relatively) cheap, and grubby, so look less desirable, even if they would cost me a shitload to replace.  I don't think there's any easy way I can sensibly secure things any more, but I'm curious if others have any additional suggestions.

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Re: Roof rack cycle carrier security
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I've had the same concerns as you in the past, using identical roof rack mounted cycle carrying equipment. I think you've come up with the best practical solution. The only thing I've done that's different is to lock the bike to the carrier/roof rack with a cable and D-lock, although you're right about the Thule locks being the weakest point.

The odd occasions I've had to leave my bike locked to the rack have been whilst I've been camping at races (tent within 10 feet of the car - so I assume that I'd be woken by a scumbag trying to remove my bike from the rack), and when I've stopped briefly during journeys e.g. motorway services. In each situation, whilst the bike could be target, I reckon on it being such a fuss to remove the bike/carrier/roof rack that it would attract sufficient attention. Someone intervening is another matter I concede.

I've also occasionally locked my bike to the car with a D-lock using the towing loop below the rear bumper once I'd got to where I was going. Whether you could make this work whilst you were travelling using a long cable lock, or whether it would be any better I'm not sure. Perhaps other mounting points inside the car, connected to the bike through the window are an option. I'm thinking of the mounts for child seats for example. But then your entire car would be more vulnerable!

If any of the above is bonkers, I confess to writing this post as I've been thinking about it and it may not have been sufficiently thought through!  ;D

Re: Roof rack cycle carrier security
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I'm going to remember to use the tow bar, I've got a long enough cable. Staying close to the car or taking the bike off the car into one's hotel room or tent are probably the only two really good options if you can't stay close to the car. I sometimes transport the bike inside the car if the bike and car are going to be unattended for a while, and if I'm not carrying a lot of other stuff.

Re: Roof rack cycle carrier security
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I wouldn't generally leave the bike on top of the car any longer than necessary, but occasionally it's unavoidable, in places like service stations.  I'm probably being overly paranoid, but better safe than sorry!
Actually, it is rocket science.