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New shop in Herne Hill, open barely a week.

It's a small place but well laid out.  It reminds me a bit of Velorution, on Great Titchfield Street (only the staff are friendlier).  The stock is definitely aimed at the more well-off customer - merino tops and base layers, Bern and Sawako helmets, the steel frames hanging from the ceiling start at £499 and none of the bikes on display are cheap.  There are even some of the just same silly fashion bikes that you find in Velorution - one of those Vanmoof single speed bikes with the top tube that has perspex at both ends so that light can shine through it.  That said, they have a lovely range of Orbea bikes on display and some striking kids bikes.

The staff are friendly.  When I enquired about stems, the owner not only showed me the range on sale but also some of his "personal stash" (some old Specialized stems left over from upgrades to his own bike) and was ready to get a stem off one of the frames hanging from the roof because it was cheaper than the stock currently on display.

They don't have a huge range of accessories at the moment, which is understandable after just a week, but I don't think that they have the space to ever have much of a range.  This is never going to be one of those local bike shops that will satisfy all your needs but it is a nice place to pop into and browse - when you're not on a strict budget.
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