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Site within a site
« on: Yesterday at 01:27:15 am »
So I run an online site, and I've just created another specifically for trade sales. So I'm wondering which is the better option in regards to seo etc. or

IIRC doing a subdomain acts as a completely separate site, whereas as a directory its better for joint SEO?
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Re: Site within a site
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 08:17:37 am »
Can't you have both?

Just have subdomain of and direct that to [directory that everything else is in]/trade, which is where goes to anyhow.http://

An example that I run is:-
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Re: Site within a site
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 08:51:50 am »
It's usually best not to present as two different locations, as this looks like duplicate content, which can get you down-rated. 301 redirect one to the other if you want to respond to both.

I did look into this a bit back for a more complex situation, where we were genuinely running different systems, and it wasn't necessarily easy to present one as a subfolder of the other. My understanding from then is that it makes little difference. Google generally recognises domains, so since both your variations are in they'll get broadly equal ranking. Yes, is a subdomain and therefore is a separate site, but, like, it's still using the domain

NB this is an area where it can be easier to think about things if you distinguish between domains ( and Web sites/addresses/URLs (