Author Topic: Two cadence sensors on one 705  (Read 838 times)

Two cadence sensors on one 705
« on: January 02, 2011, 06:54:47 pm »
This is a sane question really!

Does the Garmin Edge (705) collect a signal from the cadence sensor as a single unit or separate signals from the crank and wheel sensors?

The reason is that I have cadence on the uprights, but would like this on the trike and the distance between the wheel and crank precludes the use of a single sensor

The easy answer is to have two sensors, but this depends on the unit receiving two signals, one from the crank at the front, and one from the wheel, and calculating cadece within the unit.

Re: Two cadence sensors on one 705
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Apparently from the Garmin forum, the speed sensor aspect of the dual GSC10 is not necessary and fitting any ANT+ cadence sensor will work, once you have altered the ANT+ settings on the Edge

I have ordered a Bontrager cadence sensor and will report back