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Brompton gone to Ireland
« on: December 21, 2010, 08:04:38 pm »
Here's a funny story... mate of mine moved to Ireland 3 months ago and his cowboy movers misestimated his moving load, so he had to leave 10 cubic meters of boxes in my kitchen for a couple of days... which turned into 3 months.

Anyway, finally he had money enough to get the rest shipped over, so I told him he could have an old single speed folder I had lying around behind all his boxes.

He moved most of his stuff out last week while I was at work, but left a bit that was picked up by his movers on Saturday.

Anyway, I forgot to put the bike on the lorry, which was a bit of a shame as he'd taken the rear wheel with him already as I'd taken it off to repair a puncture.

Now, today I get an email thanking me profusely for the bike which was much much better to ride than expected. At first I thought 'hey, what's this?' Then I realised that my two year old but as good as new Brompton S2L was missing.... F..cking right it's a great bike to ride! :o :o

Just what I needed, moving out of the UK in 6 weeks and have enough shit to move around without having to worry about my Brompton being ridden around in Cork! :'( :'( :'(
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