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Bad Cycling ?
« on: June 19, 2008, 02:30:50 pm »
On the way home last night I caught up with a guy on an MTB with slicks and ahead of him another guy dressed from head to toe in hi-viz green on a road bike.

The guy in front in high viz was bumbling along quite nicely with two cars behind him. The guy on the MTB tried to undertake both cars to catch him. There was, at what I thought at least, quite a dicey moment when whilst undertaking a silver Suzuki Vitara he passed a parked car.  The speed differential was low, and as such it was a long protracted maneuvre on a road with many side roads and plenty going on.

Having properly overtaken the Suzuki, the driver having had to wait behind a bus, I caught the MTBer up at a red light ... he had managed a nice controlled skid stop so he certainly had the bike handling skills. I asked him about the undertake and he said "there was plenty of room".

To be honest I thought it was a crap piece of cycling because a) he was not riding in a predictable manner, b) moved himself into a position where a driver wouldn't see him and c) the Suzuki was following another cyclist ... I would not want to distract the Suzuki drivers attention by playing silly buggers like that when they are close behind another cyclist in wet weather.

Is it over reacting to think like this?
I suppose in Londinium there must be cyclists like this about lots of the time.

I'd have given him kudos just for being quick on an MTB.

Re: Bad Cycling ?
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It does sound like a daft bit of riding.  From your description, I'm surprised he stopped at the red light.

On the way home last night ... ahead of him another guy dressed from head to toe in hi-viz green on a road bike....

Green?  Green?  Good lord, the lizard people are here!

Re: Bad Cycling ?
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Never tell me the odds.


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Re: Bad Cycling ?
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I undertake a lot.
Even busses on left-hand corners, sometimes.
But it's expected here, and a bus driver would be almost surprised if you did not.
I would never do that in London
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