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Top tips for going longer
« on: April 11, 2011, 09:12:06 pm »
Audaxing longer is like making love to a beautiful woman.
Spend a bit of time studying her contours before going in - it is going to be dark and you don't want to be surprised by a big lump or fall into a hidden gully later on.
There will be others alongside you to begin with but most of them will go off too quick - the art is to be slow and keep it gentle. although there will sometimes be a need to go hard.
You can't perform if you are not comfortable - or if you are anxious so relax and enjoy it.
You are going to get sweaty and dirty - no way round it if you are doing it right.
There will be bits where she just goes on and on - you just have to endure that. Try and stay awake though.
At the end you deserve a fag and a cup of tea.
You will find lot of lads bragging about their performance