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Welcome to Kidstuff
« on: April 02, 2008, 08:35:17 am »
Hi I'm Ceitidh (though you can call me YC if you want) and I'm the Mod for Kidstuff. Kidstuff is the place for young people on bikes, trikes, like a bikes, unicycles and what they say (see Befuddling Child Utterances) and do off of their bikes. Other topics related to kids: Go-Ride, Islabikes and education.

As always, please be excellent to one another. Although you may be proud of your offspring's achievements, please refrain from making it a competition to see whose offspring got rid of their stabillisers first but by all means tell us about anything to do with cycling and young people  This board may often be read by kids over their parent's shoulder, so please leave all innapropiate stuff in NSfW, and welcome to Kidstuff - yACF style.

Ceitidh.  ;D


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Re: Welcome to Kidstuff
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Yay!  What a good start as a Mod!  :)

How very appropriate that one of our youngest, yet most mature, members tends this place.  :thumbsup:
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