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Which Garmin 800 edge?
« on: August 15, 2011, 04:08:08 pm »
Which Garmin 800 edge? ???

With so many version bundles I don't know which one is for me. >:( :-\

All I want is a road sat nav system (maps?)
speed and cadence sensor.

Can anybody out there show me the way? A link would be nice.

I would prefer an alternative to the 800 edge but its successor is nowhere.

Re: Which Garmin 800 edge?
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I went for the OS maps version, purely because I do a lot of hillwalking and it made sense for me to go down that route (no pun intended) instead of the sat nav version. When following a route on the screen it also gives you so much more information of your sorroundings as your actually following an OS map so it shows contour lines etc. But if your only interested in it showing you the way I don't think it matters. I also bought the heart rate moniter as an extra about a month after I bought the unit. I don't cycle seriously enough to get a cadance gizmo as well
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Re: Which Garmin 800 edge?
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Have a look at the OSM mapping

Personally I went for the OS version and back it up with the OSM road mapping.