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Alternative/Homemade GPS mount
« on: September 06, 2011, 12:18:58 am »
Good evening all,
I have recently become the owner of a Bryton 50T rider GPS device which I am extremely pleased with thus far. One problem I have encountered though is that the USB port is completely obscured when connected to the bike mount. On occasion I will be looking to attach it to an ancillary power source to lengthen it's working duration (600k audaxes/ touring etc). Does anyone have any (preferably economical) solutions to this? Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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Not familiar with the Bryton, but on my Garmin Legend I've just adapted a spare back (courtesy of Kim) to take a KlickFix Mini adaptor.  Only been on one ride so far with it, but early indications are excellent.

Re: Alternative/Homemade GPS mount
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I had one briefly (returned it after deciding I wanted something that did a bit more mapping-wise, but it was a narrow decision since I'd bagged one for a very good discount)
I quizzed customer support about the same issue (plus runtimes), and they confirmed what I'd suspected from some measurements  - that the older style bar mount (ie not the 4-point rubber bungee mount) should have room to get the 90 degree usb cable in. Tho' I'd though about cutting away part of the 4-point mount and mounting/screwing it to some sort of intermediate bracket to get the cable in..

(Hmm...pretty sure I'd posted that on the forum at (the South African distributor's website) - curiously I can see a couple of topics in my profile, but the one I'd posted about runtimes/charge retention seems to have disappeared :o I wonder if someone didn't like me posting info I'd had from Bryton support..not that it was anything particularly bad, just a bit more accurate in some situations...)

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Thanks Henshaw, I have logged in and posted a question on the forum there now. If someone can confirm that the older style mount will allow the USB fitting I will buy a mount from Wiggle.

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Not familiar with the Bryton GPS but I made a stem mount for my Etrex Vista, to mate with the back panel that is for a regular bar mount. Something could almost certainly be fettled up. I'd have to see the problem first though. Instead of 'homemade' by the way, I prefer the term 'handmade' or 'custom made'. And for me it's Handmade in Yorkshire, some people are prepared to pay a premium for that.