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Gareth Rees:
Fords (and low water crossings). In this topic, photos should show:

* a cyclist riding through
* while there's water flowing (no fair riding it when it's dry!).Bonus points if the cyclist falls in.

I'll start with the low water crossing near Shaftenhoe End in Hertfordshire. The brook, labelled "Comberton Bottom" on OpenStreetMap, and which delineates the boundary between Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, is culverted, so normally the road is dry (as seen on Google Street View), but after weeks of rain have saturated the fields, a storm can cause the brook to overflow the road.

(Cyclist: me. Photo: Nigel Deakin. The car was parked up because the driver had dropped his glasses in the stream when he was out jogging earlier in the day. I thought he had no chance whatsoever of finding them, but I was wrong.)

Paging rower40.  Rower40 to the dry-it-out-and-hope-it-still-works courtesy phone please...   ;D


--- Quote from: Kim on September 27, 2011, 03:50:36 pm ---Paging rower40.  Rower40 to the dry-it-out-and-hope-it-still-works courtesy phone please...   ;D

--- End quote ---
Any sympathy I was feeling about your invasion force of buzzing yellow-n-black stripey insects is fast receding.

Crinkly has already posted the picture of me getting up after NOTHING HAPPENED.  Not sure where it is.

I thought it was in the mild touring thread, but all I could find was this one of Em's particularly well-plaited hair:

Charlotte fails to dip a toe into Nutty's Slimed Bottom! 

edit: It's just occurred to me that putting a finger into Oaky's Wet Ring might be another ford name here.  ::-)


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