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Great week end on the Tandem
« on: October 03, 2011, 05:29:28 pm »
Hi there,  ;D

Great week end on the Tandem, Saturday into London and a fried number one at the cafe, then a spin around London sightseeing and posing for photos, it's amazing the Photos that get taken of the Tandem and us but we never get to see them. Then on the Sunday a bike ride out to Windsor and tea and cake by the river, we then went to Hillingdon cycle Track to see the Human powered vehicle club meeting. Great to see Rob and Carole and the great vehicle he had there Photos on my Blog, pleased to see another Greenspeed trike Carols, Great to see Stuart and Bob. Great to see so many Bikes, trike,s and recumbence interesting and nice to no I am not on my own,  lol 

Please remember to say Hi as I may not see you as to my eye sight, and if you wish to leave Comments on my Blog pages you have to become a follower of the blog its self, please do.

 Finally got fed up with the Punchers on the front Wheels of the Ice and put marathon Plus all around now as on the Tandem to. Hopefully it will give us a few miles now without a puncher.

The Marathon racer that came with the Sprint worked well for around 2000 miles then started to pick up the Punchers. I also have a smart Tube on in the rear of the Tandem and so far no problems.

The Ice sprint is now getting loose and still feels great, looking forward to having a test ride on the new Sprint X next year, it's looking interesting, hope the price is not prohibiting.

It's a pity Ice trike colours are so limited I would like a white sprint.

 Sorry if I have this in the wrong place? Not worked it all out as yet as to eye sight but feel free to move it if needed, thanks.   8)         

Re: Great week end on the Tandem
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You have put it in the correct place - the dark side. I guess there is an irony to that, seeing as your own personal darkness is restricting your cycling!

That recumbent looks huge! Much much longer than an upright tandem. You must have problems getting round some tight bends.
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