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Re: Members' bikes
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a large chainring makes it look deceiving, the gear is 81", very close to what i've been riding for years

Re: Members' bikes
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Honorary mention of mrs ao's venerable Raleigh steel machine (which I've been fettling).

IMG_Raleigh_Classic ca.1985 by ao, on Flickr

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Re: Members' bikes
« Reply #8977 on: June 10, 2019, 01:01:39 pm »
My steel bike, in 'stealth' mode - awaiting new mudguards.  The first time I've ever ridden it without mudguards; definitely felt faster...  ;)

IMG_20190525a by ao, on Flickr

with 32mm Paselas (on DT Swiss RR440). Good rollers, and pretty comfy, esp @ lower psi (~70F/80R).

IMG_20190525b by ao, on Flickr

Trying new 'Coukou' Headlight

edit. see below. should be good now.   :)

Neat   :) 8)