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Difficulty in installing tyres? RANKINGS only PLEASE

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There are many threads about "can't get such & such a tyre on this or that rim" and the usual advice includes a link to that Spa video, use of talc etc. etc.  but I think it's common experience that certain rims are harder to fit tyres to than others - I've always assumed because very slightly bigger overall diameter.   Similarly certain tyres (when new) can be more difficult than others, again probably because of being very slightly "undersize".

So I thought we should build our own database or ranking system of both tyres and rims and keep it as "sticky" ?    If nothing else it will help us avoid particularly "difficult" combinations.

To keep enlarging this database we need COMPARISONS. 
If you tell me that tyre A on rim X was a right bastard or that even your 86 year old granny could install tyre B on rim Y without levers I have no way of placing either Tyre or Rim in the ranking, and your post will be ignored.
The ideal information is in the format:   For a given rim X, tyre A was a lot/slightly harder to fit than tyre B
or Tyre A was easier to fit on rim X than it was on rim Y
Or - if you think the order of the existing items is wrong... tell me and I will move stuff up or down.

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700c Rims
Smallest Diameter to Largest
(= easiest to fit tyres to at the top of the list )
Rigida Flyer
Ryde Racer
Mavic Ksyrium
Mavic Open Sport
Mavic Open Pro
Mavic MA2
DT Swiss RR1.1 /RR465
Bontrager Race X-Lite
Ambrosio Excellence
H+SON Archetype
Rigida Chrina
Nisi Mixer
Campagnolo Shamal
Fulcrum 5
Fulcrum 7
Campagnolo Proton
Campagnolo Vento
Exal XR2

700c Tyres (New condition)
Largest Diameter to Smallest
(= easiest to fit at the top of the list )
Vredestein Fortezza
Vittoria Open Corsa 23
Panaracer Pasela
Specialized All-Condition Armadillos
Schwalbe Stelvio Folder
Vittoria Rubino Pro
Michelin Pro Race 3
Michelin Krylion 23
Michelin Krylion 25c
Bontrager Hardcase Racelight 28
Bontrager Hardcase Racelight Rigid 23/25
Continental Triathlon
Schwalbe Durano
Schwalbe One Tubeless
Marathon Supreme 32c
Vittorio Rubino
Vittorio Rubino Rigid
Vittoria Zaffiro
Michelin Pro4 Grip V2
Schwalbe Durano +
Schwalbe Marathon
Schwalbe Marathon +
Vittorio Rubino Slick
Continental Gatorskins
Continental GP 4 Seasons
Continental Super Sports
Continental Gran Sport 25
Schwalbe Big Apple (48c)
Contnental Gran Sport 25 Extra

Anyone care to add to the list / change above order ?

That list might be a bit simplistic, at least from my viewpoint, for instance you need to take into account different width of tyres.

FWIW the biggest bitch tyres I have ever found (in a fitting sense) are Schwalbe Big Apple (700C x 48mm).  If you think Marathons and +s are difficult to fix, spend an afternoon trying to fit one of these.

The hardest combination in my experience is Michelin Pro Race 2s (23mm) on Campagnolo Proton rims. Utter b*stards to get on and off. I think it's the rims rather than the tyres as they seem OK on other rims....

Campag wheels, in general, seem to be the hardest to get tyres onto in my experiences.


--- Quote from: bobb on November 01, 2011, 09:54:51 am ---The hardest combination in my experience is Michelin Pro Race 2s (23mm) on Campagnolo Proton rims. Utter b*stards to get on and off. I think it's the rims rather than the tyres as they seem OK on other rims....

--- End quote ---
I 2nd this nomination of Protons for the bottom of the rim list. My old campag 36h wheels ("Mexico"?) are fine.
(I'll also 2nd Gatorskins as near the tight end of the tyre list.)

Michelin Pro race 2s &3s are well above middle.

tiermat makes a good point, but it's all good. I get the feeling the OP was focusing on 23/25mm tyres [the most common on 700c rims]. Do people even have problems with 26".

So sticking
Big Apple (40mm)
at the bottom seems perfectly sensible.


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