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The start of a plan
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:04:55 am »
I need a break (see conversations passim as to why).

Mrs T is off on a, well deserved, break over half term.

I am thinking I would get away in June.

To that end I am going to do a route that I wanted to do 3 years ago and didn't manage, for various reasons, the PiriNexus.  The rough plan looks like this:

Day 0 - Arrive and check into Girona Hotel - Saturday
Day 1 - Girona to Olot - 57K - Sunday
Day 2 - Olot to Mollo - 59K - Monday
Day 3 - Mollo to Morellas - 73K - Tuesday
Day 4 - El Volo - L'Escala - 59K - Wednesday
Day 5 - Bellcaire to Girona - 69K - Thursday
Day 6 - Contigency/trip to Barcelona - Friday
Day 7 - Home - Saturday

Part of the reason for posting this is to get people's view (a daily maximum of 73K, with an average of ~60K is more than doable, even at tortoise pace), and any ideas/suggestions?

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