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Sturmey chains and hammers
« on: July 10, 2008, 03:35:02 pm »
I split a sturmey chain from a ladies bike to go on a bodge fixie yesterday, the chain being covered in gunk I didnt see the split link

Now a park tool splitter will split a sturmey chain but what it wont do is put it back together again as the plates are mucho thick and the rollers large

You can however put the pin back in with hammer and the plates wont bend or deform as long as you have an anvil/vice to back it, sturmey chains seem to made from left over Daimler Ferret scout cars, bodge away my friends!

Re: Sturmey chains and hammers
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I've managed to rejoin a sachs seven spd with half a brick and the road side kerb - the hardest part was finding the broken link on the road!

Just don't make chains like that any more.