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YACF Memories & Mythology
« on: January 14, 2012, 01:50:26 pm »
I think it's time we shared memories and started some popular mythology about out glorious forum.

New members may assume that it's a fairly recent facility but, as we all know (because of stories our parents and grand-parents told us) it's been around for some time, with some very famous historical characters involved.

Here are some archived photos (and one from the distant future) to help get that mythology started.

I first remember hearing about YACF when I was in my earliest years (although these funny little YACFers characters pronounced it "Eye Aay Eeee Efff".....).  Despite popular opinion at the time, and the handbag, it turns out the RED one was Gay .

Later on, I was visited by these amazing future YACF members.  They appeared in front of me as if by magic. 
In my fright I hit one of them with a house brick and killed him (he was wearing a red shirt and not part of this photo).
The captain was great about it and said it didn't matter, there were plenty of "Red Shirts" left apparently. 
He was on a 5 year mission to "demonstrate Earth-Kissing to Alien chicks". 
He gave me a Tribble, which I still have.

Then I remember when popular music changed forever.  These mop-topped YACF scousers took the music world by storm with Cycling related hits such as, "The Long and Winding Road", "If I Fell" and "I wanna hold your handlebar".  A superb bunch of lads (but I always made sure my bike was locked..well, they are scousers)

Who can forget the 1938 Audax UK AGM and whether we should use hand-signals?
This YACFer was adamant that this particular hand signal should be used when turning extreme right.
His views were extreme but his vision of completely eradicating cyclists in sandals and socks had some merit.

I'll certainly always remember becoming embroiled in that whole Moon-Landing conspiracy whilst on Bournemouth beach

Let's not forget the very moment a young Wowbagger stumbled across the precise formula for the new forum

Of course here is the most famous YACFer of them all.  Seen at the Tutti-Pole Cafe, Gallilea, on the "Last Supper 200" Audax.  Other customers look on in amazement as our Holy YACFer finishes his 4th portion of Apple Crumble before Postie has even arrived.

I wonder if any of you have any photographic memories of famous people and/or historic events involving YACF members of yesteryear.

I'll search the attic for more tomorrow.