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Call for links to technical resources.

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I'm going to introduce a third sticky thread* with links to official and definitive technical resources around the web.  It will include the obvious such as Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram tech docs, Mavic tech manual, Park Tools , Sheldon, Jobst Brandt and the like, but if you know of others please post them in this thread.  I'll then compile a seperate sticky to incorporate and reference the best.

*The universal shoe size sticky will become unsticky at the end of the month as everyone who wants to contribute has now had a good chance.

In German, but a fairly self explanatory on line gear ratio calculator:

Translate names of bike parts into a bunch of languages:

Spoke length calculator:

How to strip and rebuild Campag Ergopower levers:

Also available in PDF:

Similar stuff at the Campag fanboi site:

And for hub gear users:

From the depths of my bookmarks (so some pages are very old (but still there)):

Steering Geometry:

Analytic Cycling:

Branford Bike's Knowledge Base:

Weight Weenies listings:

DT Swiss Spokes Calculator:

Tony Hadland's pages:

My bike makes noises while I ride:

Old Bones Technical Stuff:

Old Bones Graphical Gear Calculator: (use Firefox if it doesn't work with IE)

Nutty's rebuilding ergo shifter:

M-Gineering cassette data:

CTC Shimergo:

Habenero Stem Fit Chart:

The Dagworth & District Gentlemen's Cycling Society's guide to tyre sizes:


Paul Rainbow:
Another good spoke calculator resource -


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