Author Topic: A random thread for cycling things that don't really warrant their own thread  (Read 27270 times)


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Not sure that's UCI legal, thobut.
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...


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[insert obligatory chain comment]
;D  Andrij.  I pronounce you Complete and Utter GIT   :thumbsup:


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Quote from: IRC
<kim> there's an old guy on a mountain bike doing lengths of [our road]
<gerwin> Well, it's exercise innit
<kim> he's just abandoned the bike and got into a car outside our house
<kim> ...and got out of the car, back on the bike and has ridden off up [adjacent road]
<gerwin> ...
 * kim wonders if he was meeting his drug dealer         
<kim> or he was the drug dealer
<kim> evidently not a very good one, judging by the state of his bike
<kim> nevertheless that's the most exciting thing that's happened on our road since the bin men started coming a day early
Careful, Kim. Your sarcasm's showing...

I'm lending a mate a bike. It's a Merida Race lite so a decent enough bike. Just put a set of cheap plastic pedals on it so he can use it..... My word they look hideous on it. I feel bad enough using mountain bike type spd pedals normally as my knees suffer with road ones but this is a new level of wrong.