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Did anyone see the after-hours thing with Dara O'Brien? The dreadful blue-suited woman(or Sarah) was just as hilariously dreadful. I think her entertainment value was at an end as everyone else had her number, but she still had no idea how dreadful she was. The poor panellist they had on was totally ambushed by her.

Such a shame to see Steven go, mind. He was hilarious.


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Most of the time, they come across as normal people on You're Fired, sometimes even likeable, but she appeared to be even worse.

Didn't quite get Steven. He seemed to have some good ideas - his contribution in the brainstorming session was much better than the "fat daddy" nonsense, and he was right about the T-shirts in week 1 - but because of his tendency to have massive hissy fits he was routinely ignored. And his attempt at a sales pitch was excruciating to watch.

James needs a good talking to. With a baseball bat.

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've not really watched You're Fired before, and I assumed the program was edited to make them as vile as possible, so it was a bit of a surprise that she was even worse.

Mind you, the best bit of this week was Sugar's tenuous grasp of the tech when he pulled out his phone: "This is an internet, and you will put a fillum on it" (I paraphrase slightly).

Wotsisface of "there's no I in team, but there are five in individual brilliance" infamy was a lot less annoying this week, though it's a shame he couldn't articulate the many, many flaws with the Fat Daddy idea any better than repeating "it's offensive" until they tuned him out.


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A rocket surgeon.

Brilliant (just caught up with kast weejs episode) looks like there will be another good one tonight.
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