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Badger exploding entertainment (do not read if eating)
« on: April 06, 2012, 07:56:28 am »
Biggest bloated animal corpse I ever saw was up on Brecon Beacons. A cow had died giving birth, dead calf was half out, and the cow was swolen up like a barrage balloon with four legs in the air. We gave it a wide berth but an incautious friend went up and gave it a tap with his boot. "It booms like a drum!" he exclaimed and repeatedly kicked it - and it it really did sound like a drum as the rest of us fled further away. He did not get his come-uppance: it failed to explode during all this abuse. Next time I walked past it, a few months later, it had clearly exploded to judge from the debris scatter.

Nastiest watery animal corpse experience was in a stooping height cave passage three-quarters full of water. Trying to keep my scrotum out of the cold water I stepped onto what I though was a large light-coloured boulder. It turned out to be a long-dead sunken sheep. Sank into it up to my knees as large bubbles of foul-smelling gas erupted upwards to burst at face-level. The rib cage closed around my ankles like a man-trap. 'Twere truly ghastly reaching down into the water to use my hands to free my legs whilst even more gas erupted to the surface and the once clear water turned into grey essence of dead sheep.