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As a parallel gallery to the Fully Loaded web site, let's have a gallery of our own touring/camping setups.

Brief is similar but not so rigid. 

1 - Try to post only photos of your bike in an obvious touring role (definitely none propped up against a blank garage wall).
2 - The photo should give a sense of your camping/touring trip.  The photo should have some merit without the bike in there.
3 - The bike should be side on and prominent enough for people to drool over (not just a bike lying on its side on the grass in the distance)
4 - People ARE allowed in the photo but it IS about the bike (so do not obscure any part of the bike with any part of a human if possible)
5 - Give a brief description (no touring stories) - Bike Make & model / Luggage Brand & model / Location / any notable mods or custom bits
6 - Bikes don't need to be fully loaded but you should be carrying luggage, in a touring situation, rather than just riding with a credit card and a saddlebag (the regular gallery has a "Member's Bikes" thread)
7 - Try to curb your natural YACF instincts to reply to a photo post with a humorous comment and thereby repeatedly re-post the same image multiple times (Note..you can always remove your "humorous" comments any time you like in order to clean up the thread, leaving just nice touring bike photos).

Note: The idea of these photos is to make viewers want to jump up, hang some panniers on a bike and ride off to a distant campsite.

The current leader in the (my decision is arbitrary and final) "Best Fully Loaded Touring Bike Photo" is Deano with this one from page 6.

Remember, we want to see the bike clearly, it isn't a holiday snap thread.  It should be clearly a photo of your bike in a nice place (not a nice place that happens to have a bike somewhere in the distance)

Some perfect examples (to show the preferred standard).  See below for contributors...


Thorn Raven Tour (Rohloff Hub) / Ortleib Bike Packer Plus (rear) & Ortleib Front Rollers.  Altura Bar Bag / Normandy 2012 / Schwalbe Marathons 26x1.5" / SON dynamo and B&M CYO light / slack chain / Dry-bag (for sleep mat) between rear panniers.
Blackburn Rear Rack / Tubus Duo Low-riders (real quality) at front.


Oooh, I sense many little moments coming on this thread...   :D

I have a general shortage of decent photos that meet those criteria.  This one's not bad, as its photographic shortcomings[1] serve to further invoke Rule 9:

HPVelotechnik Streetmachine GT with Ortlieb front and back rollers, modified Topeak tri-bag, custom Ortlieb/Camelbak hydration system.  Probably a Cyclaire bag hanging under the seat containing pump and toolkit, too.

Forth road bridge in the pissing rain (my first ever trip to Scotland!).  Waited 30 minutes for the wind to subside a bit before crossing.

The bike has more mods than you can shake a stick at, including: BB7 discs with Tektro levers, SON hub + B&M lighting, upgraded rear wheel, Thorn short cranks with wide-range chainrings, modified propstand, stem botch gadget / lip balm mount, modified Specialized computer.

This one's a better picture of the bike itself, on the way to Bristol after a YACF camping weekend the previous year.  Luggage is Altura Orkney / Halfords fit-anything front panniers, brakes and chainset are original.

[1] The cable wonkiness is an artefact of the bridge bouncing.


On the Kylerhea ferry by windy_, on Flickr

A Henry Burton (Aravis) Audax frame - components are constantly changing (bike looks a bit different now) but I'm still using the Agu-sport Quorum canvas panniers

 A long time since I've loaded up for a tour. This was taken on the Kylerhea ferry back in 2005. I've done a couple of tours since. The one pictured is when I cycled down to Torridon and spent a weekend with Phil Malcolm, MSeries, Blonde and the Pingus. I then carried on south and then returned to Lewis via Skye and the Uig -Tarbert ferry

From the same trip

The road over the Quirang by windy_, on Flickr

The road to Applecross by windy_, on Flickr


My Roberts Transcontinental at the beach after the Dun Run 2011.  Built up by my own fair hand, it's kitted out with SON hub, IQ Cyo and lots of lovely goodies like Salsa Bell Lap bars and a Tubus Locc rear rack.  35c M+ tyres for bombproof happiness.

Full Ortlieb regalia, plus Arkel big bar bag and tail pack.  The front rack is a non-lowriding variety as I like the extra space above the wheel to bungee yet more crap to.


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