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Leveson and naked royals
« on: August 26, 2012, 07:42:14 pm »
There was an interview yesterday on R5L with 'an ex journalist from News of World' who was going on about how the press couldnt publish because of the chilling effect of leveson. Then I thought - no you cant publish because your  loo roll of a paper was closed and you got fired for illegally hacking peoples phones - its because you haven't got a job that you cant publish.

Personally I think Royals should only do naked photo shoots if they have got something a bit special to show off. I recall a very good pic of Andrew in which he had a complete kilo of cumberland sausage on display which was very good. Its no good doing this if youve an average weenie - that's not in the public interests at all. But prince harry has huge dong is most definitely in the public interest and probably good for exports too.  Its the sort of thing that ought to be pushed down the throat of foreigners via every medium.