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Gelert or Hi Gear self-inflating mats
« on: September 16, 2012, 08:24:45 pm »
These are about £12, possibly cheaper if you try fleaBay.  I imagine there are lighter mats available, and also mats with some sort of guarantee.  However, these have performed flawlessly over several camps and come with a little puncture repair kit which I've never needed.

I have a Gelert 3/4 and full size one, and a Hi Gear full size one.  They are identical, down to the "Comfort Tested" logo.  I would avoid the 3/4 one except for when you need to absolutely minimise weight and bulk (it goes in a pannier) because ithe "coffin" shape is a bit narrow and you'll probably keep rolling off it.

The self-inflating feature works the same as a Thermarest or all its imitators.  Add a bit of air if you're heavy.  They are easy enough to flatten and roll up when striking camp.  10/10 for value.
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Re: Gelert or Hi Gear self-inflating mats
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I am currently using a multimat, which I prefer to my old Thermarest which started getting visitations.  It seems well made and robust.


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Re: Gelert or Hi Gear self-inflating mats
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I have a self-inflating full-length mat from Vango, which works OK, packs quite small (easily pannier-able) and seems good vale at IIRC arund 25 quid as of last summer.

Re: Gelert or Hi Gear self-inflating mats
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Decathlon's Quechua mats are good. I got one for around £20 earlier this year and it has been great (used for 4 nights total so far). Kept me comfy sleeping on various concrete/asphalt services that would have been otherwise miserable. Blows up and packs down really fast.