Author Topic: Alpkit Numo compared to Alpkit Fat Airic (now discontinued)  (Read 4139 times)

Alpkit Numo compared to Alpkit Fat Airic (now discontinued)
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:42:42 pm »
We do a fair bit of car camping, so I bought a couple of Alpkit Fat Airics as an alternative to full on airbeds. My wife hates them as they take up loads of room in the car.
Comfort-wise I think they're fantastic, but she's right, they do take up loads of room. We use them when we go to stay with friends as well though, so they're also great for bedding down on floors.

So I recently bought an Alpkit Numo and have had the time over the Christmas break to spend a week or slo sleeping on either the Numo or the Fat Airic.

First off, the Numo packs down really small. About the length of a 2 litre coke bottle and about the width of a coke can. I'm pretty sure that I could get a third of even fourth fold into the width to reduce the length a bit, but the bag for it is long and thin rather than short and fat. If you fold it flat, it's about the size of the Metro newspaper (London centric, call it a tabloid sized package if you want).

Comfort-wise it's pretty good, but it's not great at keeping the pillow where you want it, so you really need some way of securing the pillow so it doesn't escape from under your head.
It's also very shaped, so you kind of have to keep your feet in the grooves between the inflated tubes, or they tend to fall off the edges. I found no trouble sleeping on my back or my side and didn't slide off it despite it being quite narrow.

The Fat Airic is more comfortable. It's wider so you can move around more, and the pillow doesn't escape, but you can't pack it for bike touring and the Numo definitely fits that bill. It's a compromise I'm quite happy to live with, so I would recommend the Numo on comfort grounds. I've not taken it camping yet, so I can't comment on it's thermal properties, but sleeping in an unheated room on a tiled floor it seemed fine.

Downsides: it really, really creaks when you move around! Not ideal for sharing a tent with a restless or light sleeper!

Re: Alpkit Numo compared to Alpkit Fat Airic (now discontinued)
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Thanks for this. I almost bought one of these but it was out of stock for ages last year. I went for the Exped synmat ultralite instead, but if that fails I'd give this a go.