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Author Topic: Dawes Audax (2005)  (Read 4367 times)


Dawes Audax (2005)
« on: March 28, 2008, 09:12:16 pm »
Note that the Dawes range has now been changed and this bike is probably closer to the Audax Supreme, with a cheaper Audax version also available

I've ridden this for a few miles now and some things have already been changed.

The frame (marked up as 631 steel on the main tubes) is very comfortable, it felt settled straight away. The steering is slower than my road bike but felt nicely planted and it's not much heavier than my Alu frame / carbon fork roadie.

The 105 rear mech / Tiagra front and 105 shifters felt fine, smooth - not as clonky as my reliable Sora mechs but it doesn't have the 'buttery' [(c) C+] feel of Ultegra. Well up to the job. The gearing is a bit high however, although a triple it still doesn't have a bail-out couple bottom gears that my brother has on his tourer which would be useful on a long ride when you're crashing toward the end. The cassette was a 12-23, this is daft - I've now swapped it for an Ultegra 12-27, apparently you can either get a very cheap or very expensive version in 12-27, but not a 105 or Tiagra standard.

[update] The brakes are not as bad as first thought. The shop had set them up with far too much travel and they just needed adjusting. They are still not up to my Ultegra ones but I think I'll try new brake blocks before I do anything drastic. The brakes still aren't cutting it and will be looked at by the bike shop when I get back.

The wheels are Rigida Nova rims - and this is odd - on a Tiagra marked rear hub and a Dawes branded front. They feel fine, seem stronger than the Gipiemme T-Quattros I have on my road bike and lighter than the other Rigidas I have on my Raleigh. It is on 23mm continental tyres which don't seem as grippy as my Vittorias and I may well swap them for my 25mm Armadillos, which seem a more sensible audax choice. The back wheel couldn't cope with small panniers and London roads, it has been swapped for a Mavic MA3 on a Tiagra hub, it seems much stronger. I'll probably have the Dyno-hub built up onto an MA3 also for the sake of another rim.

The saddle is a 'Viper' which has an odd v-shape but seems quite comfortable. Although probably not as comfortable as my Selle Italia on my road bike, time will tell. After the DunRun most saddles will probably feel rough. The Viper saddle isn't impressing, I wonder what the Selle Rolls that it used to be specced with was like? I'm starting to think about a Brooks ...

So far I've spent arouund £90 on upgrades, I think that it needs at least a new saddle at perhaps £30. Seems a lot to spend on a new bike but it has been worth it.

[2007 update] The brakes are still rubbish, but I'm still happy with the bike.

And the gearing was still too high for my lardy frame in Wales, so I bought the heavier duty Sardar from Alans to keep over there!