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Aspen 4 as a stove fuel
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Used to be called Aspen 4T, but now just Aspen 4.  Can be tricky to find but specialist lawnmower shops or independent garden centres are your best bet.  There is a list of stockists on the Aspen website but the one listed in Bridgnorth had never neard of the stuff.  Handy Garden Machinery in Stratton St. Margaret (NE Swindon) usually have it, in mowing season.

The "4" means it's for 4-stroke engines.  There is a "2" which has oil added for 2-stroke engines.  Bad stuff will probably happen if you put that in a stove, like your bacon will smell and taste of moped.

It's basically unleaded petrol without all the aromatic compounds (benzene, toluene, xylene) that make it toxic and smelly.  Actually, Aspen 4 still has a faint whiff of normal Esso about it, unlike Coleman fuel which has a unique spirit-like smell.

In the stove it works pretty much the same as Coleman fuel - just as clean-burning but with a bit less of the brief stink after switch-off (caused by unburnt fuel left in the generator tube).  It's much cheaper at about £17 for five litres although given that there's no road fuel duty, it's still a bit cheekily priced compared to pump unleaded (about 70p a litre without duty).  I can also report that my Honda lawnmower runs very well on it, with no puff of smoke when banging the throttle from tortoise to hare, and a fraction of the exhaust stench.

Among the "white gas" fuels, my preference in performance terms is currently

Primus Power Fuel > Aspen 4 > Coleman fuel > pump unleaded

and, taking price per litre into account, Aspen 4 comes out on top.
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Re: Aspen 4 as a stove fuel
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Have been using Aspen 4t for years I use it in my strimmer as well as my whisperlite stove a great fuel. Farm supplies shops or lawnmower places normally stock it.