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The Swim-Hiking Thread
« on: August 22, 2008, 04:11:40 pm »

Just to keep andygates's 10km-swim-racing thread from getting cluttered up, here's a thread for nattering about the related, noncompetitive sport of wild-swimming, swim-hiking, etc.

Some links:

Outdoor Swimming Association


I'm really into this idea of swim-exploring (swim-pootling?), but I'm struggling to think of places to go. Most of the rivers around here aren't deep enough to swim in, and there are lots of cattle upstream  :P . Most of the publicly-owned lakes are either reservoirs (where I don't think swimming is allowed) or public parks with small, roped-off swimming areas and open areas for boating/fishing.

But, especially if I could hack an old pack into a "swimsac," it'd be great to try. At first I wondered why I never did this as a kid in Florida, but then I remembered--alligators.  :-\