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Further and faster?
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:38:05 am »
This week seems like an appropriate juncture to issue this to those who do not read the CTC Lothians and Borders Member Group Yahoo pages.

Many years ago the Lothians DA, as it was then known, had a Hardriders section which organised runs that covered a longer distance and/or were conducted at a harder pace than the “normal” club run. The group also organised Audax events; some of the group had indeed been the genesis of Audax Ecosse. Due to the wonders of biology the group metamorphosed in to the Family Section, years passed and the Hardriders withered.

There is now a suggestion that the time is ripe to revive the Hardriders section. If anyone is interested in taking part in this, either by going on or leading runs, then please contact Lothians and Borders CTC via or speak to anyone on the CTC stall at the Bike Breakfast in Edinburgh.