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Heat-related whinges thread
« on: July 22, 2013, 12:55:35 pm »
Cold sucks. Who wants to wear more clothes? In my experience, all good things correlate with a lack of clothing.

Thirty degrees is about the right temperature for an ian. Even the twenties are a bit weak. There's a danger of a chill. Who wants to take the risk. Shove the temperature up into the thirties where it's good and safe. I want my 80 tog thermal safety blanket.

I'm done with our half-baked winters and being so cold that my hands hurt and having to wear fifteen layers of clothes, like I've been stuffed in a recently deceased bantha. Do you see penguins wearing parkas? No because they're supposed to live in the cold. Humans aren't, that's why we can't wear our Speedos in the Antarctic. We're from Africa where it's warm. I don't know which of us had the dumb idea to leave. We finally get rid of that fur coat and become quite literally the coolest of the monkeys, so what did some distant ancestor do? Pack a bag and go somewhere cold, where even the elephants had coats.