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"Are you blind?"
« on: August 29, 2008, 01:39:01 pm »
That's all I said - in a perfectly calm, even-tenored voice, not a shout - to this old geezer who tried to pull into a roundabout across my path, just now.  He was pulling a light trailer, which would have made an 'encounter' that much more interesting.  He genuinely hadn't seen me and the horrified, startled look on his face worried me for an instant - he must have been in his late seventies and just then my thought went 'heart attack?'...

But - what the hell - I'm not far short of sixty, myself.  I'm so used to this sort of incident, it's so commonplace, that I never venture onto a roundabout without expecting it, nowadays.  I could have stopped before hitting him, if need be.

I merely slowly shook my head and cycled on...  I feel good about not having actually shouted or mouthed obscenities (as I so often do).


Re: "Are you blind?"
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I was in a taxi that pulled onto a Marble Arch just missing a cyclist. 'Are you blind' screamed cyclist - and then reached into the cab and threw the cabbies glasses into the road where they were squashed.
Then the cabbie was blind.


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Re: "Are you blind?"
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Nasty moment, even if you have predicted it.

Hopefully the driver will take a bit more time to look next time.  ::-)

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