Author Topic: A visitation to try the patience of Jobe  (Read 333 times)

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A visitation to try the patience of Jobe
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:05:06 pm »
haven't been out on t'bike since thurs night, but you always look as you walk past the bike don't you? ::-) All was fine, popped out in the Land rover this morning to buy 100ltrs of finest cooking oil,for said Land Rover, and came back. Rear tyre was flat, ??? so after lunch, out with wheel and off with tyre. Found it straight away. It 'Looked like a spoke had gone thro the tube, Ist spoke from the valve hole. and this spoke was loose. So put a patch on it , put it all back pumped up and did some more maintenence. Hmm! that looks a bit soft, yep, so out and off, and the patch had lifted. So carefully cleaned it up and patch no 2. ....blah blah.. oh deary me its soft again. So patch no 3 was fitted. I removed the plastic rim tape, no puntcure mark, so used 3 winds of insulating tape, refitted. Got as far as 80psi then psssssss..... Bo&*ox. All i can think is that the hole was in the well that forms in the eyelet, so when pumped up it had no support or anything firm (like a tyre wall) to push against. I couldn't swap the tube around as the other eyelet was in same position. So new tube, and scissors to the old one. :thumbsup: