Author Topic: PowerTap recumbent efficiency (vs upright)  (Read 856 times)

PowerTap recumbent efficiency (vs upright)
« on: September 20, 2013, 01:39:45 am »
Had another crack at this from a different angle.

I posted before on power data obtained under 'ideal' conditions (flat/no wind) and also on a short hill climb. I've now extended this to compare the efficiency of two of my bikes over longer, mixed conditions riding and came up with a couple of interesting results (but beware, small sample size!)

The upright is a Planet X Team Alu, the other a High Baron:

Read it at recumbent vs upright efficiency.

As usual, thoughts and feedback etc.

I don't suppose anyone knows anyone who would lend me a crank-based power meter to use (on a turbo) to measure drivetrain efficiency for a couple of days? Modest beer tokenage available...  :thumbsup: