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Decathlon base layer SS light
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:24:06 pm »
This top here:

First off, this review is based on four rides, but it was enough to know that this is a decent top and, at £7, a bargain.
Fit is good, but tight, so I'm bang on a medium by most of their sizing and this is skintight, which is as it should be for a base layer.
It does seem to wick well, but is not excessively warm. It's a variant of polypropylene top, so I'm guessing it'll get smelly if you were to try multi-day rides with it, but this was fine on a 40 minute ride to work, then the return journey. I wasn't stinking at the end of that.
I bought two of them, hence the four rides.

So, if you're in Decathlon and wanted to know if they're any good. I'd say yes, go for it.
They do a long sleeve top for £3 more.