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New old bike
« on: September 27, 2013, 08:59:46 pm »
Evening all, picked up a racer today to get up and running for the pub bike. Cost £35 for the bike and was as pictured here...

It's a 23' Raleigh Record  (Year unknown - if anyone can help)
Campagnolo levers & front dérailleur
Weinmann brakes
27' wheels with knackered tyres
5 speed free-wheel

The bike was filthy so today has been spent cleaning up bits and bobs (not too much though - it is a pub bike). Fitted a 700c No-Logo wheel-set i got for a bargain & new brake blocks. (New brake cables and bar tape purchased and to be fitted over the weekend).

The free-wheel from the new wheel-set was a 7 speed (5 speed on before) and i was able to adjust the rear dérailleur to select all 7 gears now making it a 14 speed. Quite pleased with the progress so far.