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video formats for playing on "lesser" devices.
« on: January 21, 2014, 09:38:41 pm »
I generate videos of various events which I need to show people in the groups whose events they are.  These are produced on either my Sony A77, which produces 1080p AVCHD files in .mts format, or my GoPro 3+ which produces 1080p .mp4 files.  Mrs W's camera very helpfully produces .movs! 

My Samsung NC110 netbook can't cope with any of these, it stutters either the video, or audio, or both.  Whilst all netbooks are low powered, it does at least have a dual core Atom processor, and 2Gb of RAM.  The Nexus 7 also dislikes some of these variants, and my phone (a Sony Xperia Z, which is quite a powerful quad core beast) seems to dislike the gopro files.  Ideally I'd want to convert them all to a common format that will play on anything half decent, at maximum quality.  Now I realise that's strictly in fairyland territory, but I'm struggling to grasp quite what will play on what.  My PC seems to play anything, but then it is an i7 4770k with 16Gb of RAM and a hybrid SSD/HD, so it bloody well ought to.  My TV (Sony) happily plays the .mts files as well as stills in RAW, but then it is a Sony camera generating them.  I pass these videos (and the stills) to members of the dance group involved, and some of them have crappy old computers of various types, and struggle to play anything vaguely 21st century.  I don't want to reduce them to a really poor quality, but want to find a compromise that will work on most devices.  I convert video in Nero recode, which does have some presets, but still allows variation in bitrates, etc. (I also have Adobe Premiere Elements). I could do with some guidance as to what is feasible for what sort of device!  I was considering buying an Asus Transformer book T100T to show these around at meetings (and use for other things that I currently use the netbook for), but I am unclear if this will play the original quality files (and its screen is not that fantastic a resolution anyway).  We do also have a Samsung Galaxy tab 3 (10.1) and I'm unclear as to what this will cope with in the way of video.  I'm bemused by the low-ish resolution of the screen on that Asus, bearing in mind my phone has a full 1920x1080 screen...  Maybe I should take a USB stick of videos to PC World and try out their Asus Transformer (it had better have USB ports....)

Any suggestions as to devices to play good quality video on, and formats which are a fair compromise between playability and quality?  Mainly formats, I'm trying to avoid too many new gadgets..